Garbage Chute Sanitization & Disinfection

Eliminate Foul Odors and Harmful Microbes

Urban residents all over the world experience issues with trash disposal, particularly with the foul odor emanating from trash disposal points in residential building common areas. Besides sowing discomfort, such odors harm residents’ health because along with the odor come bacteria and spores, both of which tend to spread quickly.

Where do foul odors come from?

Foul odors are a natural byproduct of decomposition of food waste. They are an inevitable part of all waste disposal systems and are evidence of micro-organism activity in the garbage chute system.

However, after ozone comes into contact with the Garbage Chute, it instantly reacts with aromatic hydrocarbons that are the source of foul odor and neutralizes them.

When maintained at a constant level of concentration, ozone produces permanent results that does not produce toxic halogenated compounds.

The Process

6 – 10 Days


The initial result – significant reduction of foul odor, occurs within 10 days after the sanitizing process.

30 – 60 Days


After 30 – 60 days, and depending on the level of contamination, the foul odor is reduced by up to 90%.

5 – 7 Months


After 5 – 7 months, the foul odor disappears entirely and does not return.