About Ozone

What is Ozone?

Ozone is considered to be the most practical and effective way of fighting pathogenic micro-organisms. It is an inorganic molecule with powerful oxidant properties and is utilized in many industrial and commercial processes.

When applied to microbes, Ozone ruptures microbe cell walls through oxidation. Ozone’s negative charge weakens the cell wall and causes it to break down. This natural process has been proven to be effective across multiple types of bacteria, mold, virus strains, and fungi.

Ozone breaks down foul-smelling gases as well as airborne bacteria, which are ultimately converted into oxygen. This is an efficient way to eliminate odors and harmful airborne substances from the air which we breathe.

How Ozone Generators Work

Our ozone generator uses the principle of cold plasma – it is one of the most advanced, powerful, and user-friendly air cleaning systems, generating enough sanitizing power for premises of any size.

It is equipped with a central control processor, which programs the automatic ozone generating equipment depending on the time of year and ambient temperature. This makes it possible to virtually eliminate the need for human intervention in the operation of the equipment, limiting it only to the maintenance of equipment and its programming.