Who We Are

Ozone Solutions Group offers a patented system that helps eliminate bad smell and eradicate harmful micro-organisms. Our system as a whole and in parts is protected by a number of patents and new applications for inventions in different countries.

We are constantly improving our control system based on modern developments and technologies. The latest developments of equipment for generating “pure” ozone based on the principle of low-temperature plasma are applied.
We believe that using our system will enhance the quality of life.

The “Green Chute” system is also equipped with sensors monitoring the concentration of ozone in the common areas adjacent to garbage disposal room.
The sensors are connected to a central computer and turn off the generation of ozone in the case of approaching the maximum allowed concentration of ozone and re-enable it after downgrade.
The whole process takes place automatically without human intervention. In effect, a healthy atmosphere of the whole building is maintained.

How the system works

The system consists of an ozone generator, a central control device for programming and monitoring of the functioning of the ozone generator, ozone distributing agent dispersing the resulting ozone within the garbage collection system, and a safe ozone concentration level control system.

The problem is solved by means of continuously maintaining the concentration level of ozone at a rate of 0.3-0.6 ppm in the garbage disposal system, which allows ozone to destroy bacteria and microbes very effectively, but its concentration is completely harmless to humans.

This ozone concentration is maintained automatically by our patented “Green Chute” control system.